Wolf Hoop

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Is it a coyote or a wolf? We'll let you decide with our Coyote/Wolf Hoop Metal Art, which depicts the animal lifting its head to howl or cry. The design also details the fur of the wolf/coyote with intricate fine lines and finishes the artwork in a semi-circle hoop frame.

Whether you love wolves or coyotes and you want to represent it, or you know someone else that does, this design is perfect either way. It represents the wildness and gracefulness of the canine with incredible detail that would make an excellent gift idea for anyone.

The Coyote/Wolf Hoop Metal Art comes in a fresh modern hammered black color or a rustic patina tone to match the theme of your home/room.

  • Dimensions: 27.75" x 15.25"
  • Color options: hammered black or rust patina
  • Made of quality steel
  • Coyote/wolf-themed
  • Semi-circle hoop frame