Sun Circle Metal Decor

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The Sun Circle Metal Art from our vast collection has a beautiful and trendy design depicting a sun, moon, and stars within a circle shape. The combination of these pleasant and aesthetic elements with the happy face of the moon creates a wonderful decoration for any home. Crafted in the USA using quality steel, the Sun Circle Metal Art is made entirely by hand. While it is stunning, it is also symbolic, representing the flow of time as it shows the different cycles of each day/month. All in one, this metal art symbolizes immortality, eternity, and nature (the moon) as well as the mind and intellect (the sun). The Sun Circle Metal Art comes in the vibrant colors of candy blue, candy orange, candy yellow, and hammered black to match the theme of your home. Dimensions: 17.25″ x 17.25″ Color options: candy blue, candy orange, candy yellow, hammered black Made of quality steel Circle shape Sun, moon, & star theme