Rustic Mini Metal Decor

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Nature/animal lovers will admire the Rustic Mini Metal Art styles, which include a bear, elk, horse, moose, running deer, stag, or standing deer aspect. This particular animal is presented in a rustic brown color, contrasting against the vivid green tree behind it; A stunning display and a wonderful complement to other metal decor.

The Rustic Mini Metal Art Decor is crafted by hand using the finest quality steel. Our talented metal artisans in the USA have put their passion into their work to create all of our metal art designs available on  These nature-themed styles are particularly beautiful, and anyone with a lodge-themed home or a friend who loves nature will find a great use for them.

Select your desired animal to get started!

  • 10.5” tall
  • Design options: bear, elk, horse, moose, running deer, stag, standing deer
  • Made using quality steel
  • Nature-themed design
  • Unique wall decoration