Music Word Metal Decor

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Is music your passion or a favorite hobby of yours? Or perhaps you just admire the feeling of listening to your favorite tunes when relaxing. Either way, the Music Word Metal Art Decor is a wonderful accent to any room, but particularly a music-themed room filled with instruments or speakers.

The Music Word Metal Art Decor features a neat cursive-style script with the single word "music" written. What might come as a surprise is that this piece is entirely handmade using steel, so what you see is the delicate handiwork of our professional metalworkers!

Available in a hammered black or hammered silver variant, the Music Word metal Art Decor is a simple yet delightful touch to themed rooms, especially when paired with other larger pieces or to compliment an overall wall layout. Or why not gift it to someone you know who loves music? It's definitely a thoughtful and unique gift idea

  • Dimensions: 21.75 inches x 4.75 inches
  • Color Options: Hammered black or hammered silver
  • Music-inspired
  • Cursive-style script
  • Crafted from steel