Moose Circle Metal Decor

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All it takes is something like our Moose Circle Metal Art Decor to completely transform the space, whether that’s in your living room, on the front porch, or even in your bedroom. The moose-themed design features a lone moose walking through a forest, encased in a circle frame. Each part of this metal art decor is made using quality steel and handcrafted by our expert metalworkers. The phenomenal intricacy of the trees and moose shows just how much dedication has been put into this metal artwork. For modern homes or spaces, the hammered black variant of this Moose Circle Metal Art Decor might appeal to you more. If you’re aiming for more of a rustic theme, the rust patina variant will do wonderfully for your needs. Hang it up on the wall and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and the powerful moose figure.

  • Dimensions: 17″ x 17″
  • Color options: Hammered black or rust patina
  • Crafted from steel
  • Moose-themed
  • Intricate forest details