Moose Buzz Blade Metal Decor

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Moose are strong, beautiful animals with a symbolic display - they signify strength, pride, and life, three great qualities to add to any home. This Moose Buzz Blade Metal Art emphasizes this symbolism, featuring a unique, intricate design of a lone moose amidst a forest, bordered by a creative buzz blade frame. Each aspect of the design contributes to a stylish lodge or cabin-inspired theme.

 Perfect for any woodsman or anyone who lives in the woods, the Moose Buzz Blade Metal Art provides versatile decorating choices with the available three colorways, including distressed copper, hammered black, and rust patina. The scenic style makes it ideal as a standalone piece to enhance its intricate details, but it also looks spectacular when accented with other smaller pieces, too.

 Hang the Moose Buzz Blade Metal Art up in the living room, bedroom, or even on the porch to show off your love for lodge-style decor. Our works are made in the USA using quality steel, so you can expect your very own piece to last a lifetime if cared for properly.

  • Dimensions: 23.5 inches x 23.5 inches
  • Color options: Distressed copper, hammered black, rust patina
  • Crafted from steel
  • Moose-inspired
  • Scenic design with intricate details