Lizard Oval Metal Decor

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Whether you're a fan of reptiles or you own a lizard yourself, the Lizard Oval Metal Art makes a great addition to any wall with its intricate design. The lizard style is reminiscent of Aboriginal-style artworks, featuring delicate cut-out details that portray the scales, tail, eyes, and feet of the lizard. This is framed by an oval border to complete the design. The Lizard Oval Metal Art is a very versatile decoration - it can be seamlessly combined into larger wall designs or used as a standalone piece to emphasize its theme. It comes in either a rust patina or a hammered black color, suitable for traditional and modern homes, respectively. In particular, if you have an animal-themed wall or perhaps even a reptile petting zoo, this metal art decor would be perfect! Crafted from high-quality steel in the USA by our talented artisans, this lizard metal art is proof of intricate handiwork, as each piece is made by hand.

  • Dimensions: 10.25 inches x 6 inches
  • Color options: Hammered black