Horse Welcome Circle Metal Decor

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Guests will be delighted to see the Horse Welcome Circle Metal Art Piece upon arriving at your home as a wonderful welcoming gesture. The design features a running horse across a field of grass and beneath emerges the word "welcome" in a clear script. These elements are bordered by a circle to finish the design. With its small size and circular shape, the Horse Welcome Circle Metal Art piece looks wonderful when presented at the entrance of your home or in a small space where it can stand out. The design itself is handmade with quality steel material by experienced artisans, who take the time to carefully produce the detailed results you see today. Use the Horse Welcome Circle Metal Art Decor as a touch of personal style to your home and as a friendly gesture to visitors. It also makes a unique gift idea for a friend who loves horses!

  • Dimensions: 11.75 inches x 11.75 inches
  • Color options: Hammered black or rust
  • Tough steel material
  • "Welcome" design with horse
  • Suitable for small spaces