Eagle Head Oval Metal Decor

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An Eagle represents freedom, courage, honesty, and truthfulness. This Eagle Head Oval Metal Art Decor depicts an eagle's head with its beak open. The detailing is beautiful, showcasing the feathers, eye, and beak with precise cut-outs. Finishing this design is an oval border for a complete look. The Eagle Head Oval Metal Art Decor was crafted by hand in the USA using quality steel material. It showcases the raw beauty and ferocity of an eagle in all its glory. Anyone who loves eagles would be absolutely delighted to have one of these hanging up in their home. It looks great as both a standalone or accenting wall decoration. The Eagle Head Oval comes in hammered black or rust patina based on your preferences.

  • Dimensions: 10.25” x 6”
  • Color options: hammered black or rust patina
  • Crafted from quality steel
  • Eagle-themed
  • Oval border