Dance Word Metal Decor

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If you're a competitive dancer or you simply enjoy dancing (in your bedroom alone, we get it), this Dance Word Metal Art piece is a perfect gift idea for yourself or a friend. The design features the word "Dance" in cursive typography for a sleek yet elegant look. It would look lovely in a bedroom or trophy room where you keep your dancing trophies. Alternatively, you could hang the Dance Word Metal Art decor up on the wall at a dancing room where you teach dance classes to help inspire your students. There are various ways you could use this themed decor! The Dance Word Metal Art is crafted from quality steel by the hands of our artisans in the USA and comes in a classic hammered black or dazzling hammered silver color.

  • Dimensions: 21.25” x 5.25”
  • Hammered black or hammered silver
  • Crafted from quality steel
  • Cursive "Dance" typography
  • Dance-inspired