Bear Paw Metal Decor

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The Medium Bear Paw Print Metal Art offers a wonderful accent idea to other bear-themed art, particularly with its cabin-inspired design. Anyone who has a lodge-style home, holiday house, or decor can use this piece to compliment the theme.  The design of this Medium Bear Paw Print Metal Art, as the name suggests, features the outline of a big, fuzzy bear paw, detailing everything from the furs to the pads of the paw and the claws. The size is not too large nor too small, making it suitable as an accenting piece or as a standalone. The design comes in three colors - distressed copper, hammered black, and rust patina - so you can style them according to your home.  Modern homes might appeal most to the black variant, while more rustic or antique-style homes can delight in the similar nature of the rust/copper tones. Whether you love bears or rustic pieces, this bear metal art is an excellent decoration with its unique, handmade design.

  • Dimensions: 10.5 inches x 10.75 inches
  • Color options: Distressed Copper, Hammered Black, or Rust